Anti-Jubilee Party Flyer

Miss Nielly was born in the south of France, and got the sense of space and  construction from her architect father. She has always been a woman of images. Françoise says that “South France is very alive as an experience inside of me. Maybe it is what led me to the use of fluorescent colors in my paintings”.

She is a very passionate woman, but never shared love with another human. Somehow, she says, painting may be the love of my life; and as in every couple relationship it’s a moving territory with high and lows, fights, weariness, desire, fire and water. It can be exhausting, exhilarating, boring, fun, sparkling… whatever i go through with it, i just can’’t stop loving it.

Colorful, Brutal, Energetic, Passionate, Surprising, Free, Sexual, Explosive, Crazyness. All of these are word that describe Françoise Nielly and her art. Françoise is a deeply experienced artist, who not only has been around in painting, but photography, roughs, illustrations and virtual, and computer generated animated graphics. After these different fields, she came to create “Faces Collection”, a brilliant collection of paintings different from anything else. “Faces Collection” is her most known project, and it is being loudly accepted in the art capitals of the world. She has exposed in Canada, New York, Miami, Nice, St. Tropez, Barcelona and Paris. But her ambition takes her even farther: “I’’d love the opportunity of painting a huge wall in a striking location and why not, to paint the China wall in fluo“. She has a big admiration for the street art (graffiti), and in some way her paintings are related to this.

She usually works with music. For her, “Music can be a mood creator as well as a background. It depends. Sometimes it will feed me with the energy I may be lacking. Most of the time, the one to one with the painting is easier with music. It is also a soothing presence when facing a white canvas  So it keeps the engine running softer but it is never the engine by itself.”

A curious/fantastic project she has done, is the one with Citroën. She painted the Citroën Survolt, and in my opinion it looks really good. Only for art and racing, not for the street.

More information about the Citroën Survolt.


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