Cornelia Parker, sheds, trombones and a sleeping tilda swinton….

Humblecottage Blog

My work is somehow very quiet and not really violent at all – it’s calm, like the eye of the storm.
Parker, Cornelia.

I was really lucky to obtain a ticket to hear Cornelia Parker talk at the University College Falmouth on tuesday. I remember a visit to the Tate Modern quite a few years back and after visiting room after room filled with great works of art but not quite appreciating them i stepped into the room which held Cornelia Parker’s exploded shed or Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View as it is formally known. This large white room , centrally lit by one solo lightbulb and from it crescending outwards that pinpointed moment of an exploded shed. I felt a parallel sense of huge energy but at the same time a silence which enabled me to step inside a moment of something ordinary but recreated into something new…

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