Click Away

Learning to See the Glass Half Full

Working a full time job has reminded me just how fabulous long weekends are. Working full time makes you really appreciate that extra day. Except it still seems to fly by, as weekends do.

On my three days off I decided I didn’t care what the weather was doing, I was NOT staying cooped up in the house. I had complete freedom to do whatever I wanted and I was determined not to completely waste them. Three days of not having to deal with the constant calls/emails/visits from cranky/paranoid/sometimes nice clients.

So, what did I do you ask? With camera in hand I went sight seeing. To places I hadn’t been and places I have, click click clicking away. My husbands job doesn’t seem to want us to settle in one place for too long, and I don’t want to forget the places we live in. Photos have a way…

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