Drive-by_Troy Smith

Watters with Two T's

So, these past few days, I have been working with fashion designer, Troy Smith. Troy is the designer, owner and creator of a menswear line at Urban Outfitters called the D Collection. And, I have been tapped by the D Collection to create some moody portraits on his new line that will launch in The Fall. Well, I couldn’t believe how fit and photogenic Mr. Smith to be. So, I convinced him to pose for my camera. Why not, I thought? He gave me some very mysterious sexy portraits. Check him out here. A true Drive-by. And, if you can believe it. I had two more drive-bys last night. Who knew. But, one more time, please, check out Troy’s work. And, check out our collaboration for Urban Outfitters in the Fall. Happy Thursday Chickens.

P.S. And, for the record, this is a new hat that I will be…

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