Fallen Star: A Hut On Top of a Modern Building


What a cool place to put your mother in law! Designed by artist Do Ho Suh the fallen star (apart of the UC San Diego’s Stuart Collection) sits on top of the Jocobs Hall, also known as Engineering Building 1 ,is  located in San Diego. Sitting on the edge of the modern building, the rooftop cottage also has it’s own front lawn garden. The building was surprising enough for me, but check out how they even took it a huge engineering step further and decorated the cottage as if mother in-law already moved in! It’s people like Do Ho who push the barriers of engineering and art and create art for the whole world to see. Even in the most strangest and scariest places.


Via: http://stuartcollection.ucsd.edu/artists/suh.shtml

Via: http://www.lehmannmaupin.com/#/artists/do-ho-suh/

Via: http://randommization.com/2012/06/13/fallen-star-a-hut-on-top-of-a-modern-building/


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