Feminism is a dirty word. Do young women still need feminism today?

Nicky Knows Best

Feminism was once described as a movement by women who fought for equal rights, independence and aimed to stop sexism; however today our generation is losing the true meaning of feminism. Women no longer associate themselves with feminism because not only has the true meaning been misinterpreted, but women no longer feel that they need to fight for these rights. “I think my generation is the first to enjoy equality and the fact I don’t feel the need to identify as a feminist indicates how far we’ve come.”[1]Sally Urquhart has stated in the article The F Word that she believes the reason women no longer wish to identify themselves as feminist is that they believe we have come as far as we can. However Sally Urquhart does go on to explain that she does understand and appreciate what her mother’s generation went through in order to gain…

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