Kate Mccgwire


Kate Mccgwire is the first artist I know that succeed in using feather as a fine art material. Feather are usually used in making souvenir and craft. Imagery of feather and birds can be seen in quite a lot of artworks throughout the time line. Therefore, to decide using feather is to take a challenge of making something new out of something old and classic. Mccgwire has done a brilliant job in giving feather a new breath, new character. The feather textual quality creates a duality between being beautiful and grotesque. Much of Kate’s work references Freud’s ‘Unheimliche’ (the uncanny, or, literally, the ‘unhomely’); the idea, to quote Freud, of ‘a place where the familiar can somehow excite fear’. With feather, Mccgwire creates her own profound and powerful creatures, stunning but fearsome at the same time.

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