Pale Enchantment


I was reading the May issue of Vogue, and there was an article on the newly trending pale-skin style.  I, personally, find it funny that tan skin was ever a popular thing.  I never understood it, and I’ve always found pale skin to be beautiful.  Vogue says that it may have come with the obsession of The Dragon Tattoo.  However, I think pinning this on-coming look on a movie that came out this year ridiculous.  I think that people are just finally coming to their senses.  Who wouldn’t eventually get sick of orange divas walking down the street every day?  This must relate not just to beauty, but to health.  Americans must be catching onto how unhealthy hours of roasting in tanning beds is for you.  And remember tanning mom?  I’m sure after witnessing that crap all over the television, some people must have dropped the tanning, even if…

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