Photographing the Arctic: Nick Cobbing


Nick Cobbing is a photographer who uses his former experience in photojournalism, and moves beyond that via an artistic approach, to bring us stories about environment, science and ecology. The majority of his work, especially more recently, has focused particularly on the Arctic region. His work is not only visually stunning but also prescient – note the small drops of water falling from the iceberg “on to” the small town of Narsaq, Greenland in the above photo from his “Signatures” gallery. While this is a natural event that occurs with the warming of the ice in the summer it alludes to the loss of ice overall and with it the loss of a vital resource for the people of Greenland.  This post is timely considering the recent “celebration” of World Oceans Day on June 8th.

For someone who revisits the same territory and landscape time and again, he provides us…

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