rasta baby (AND a giveaway!!)

my babykins

i don’t consider myself a rastafarian (i know, those of you who know me are gasping in disbelief right now).  do i love bob marley?  absolutely.  would i love to visit jamaica someday?  of course!  do i normally leave the house with my dreads on?  absolutely!! not usually.  so, violet’s outfit today isn’t my typical style, but when i saw this t-shirt on zulily, i could not pass it up!  i thought it was so stinking cute!  when violet was a wee babykins, she and her daddy would listen to bob marley together…and it would always make her so happy!  so, buying this shirt was a no brainer for me.  one love, people!

***after the rasta baby pics, keep scrolling to see info on a giveaway!!***

***update:  erin camfield is the winner of the dress!  congrats!***

shirt:  zulily  ||  shoes:  faded glory  ||  bow:  little blooms…

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