Siren : drowned beauty

Le Confident

As a counterpoint to “loosing gravity”, I choose here to introduce a photographer who plays with the “Underwater” atmosphere : Zena Holloway, born in 1973. She makes magical photos and films like in a fantasy world.

The beauty rises from the abyss. Nearly amnionitic, she makes us travel in an unknown dimension, in a nothingless inhabited by nymphs. She makes us flowing and feeling the water all around. Is it a transition between life and death. Already an angel !

Here is no more the question of a flight out of gravity but just a swimming dream. The siren, beautiful, who can live in the sea without going to the surface and see the chaos. Water for natural environment. A queen of the underworld.

Be like a sailor who follows the sound of her voice. Let’s flow !

Water, movement, pressure… like an underwater flight. Slowly, precise … each movement…

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