“tiravanija: it seems like one constant in all of your projects is that you’re building a landscape. huyghe: that’s true. i’ve never thought so much about that aspect, but you’re right. i’ve recently done a garden, a seascape, a museumscape. . . . and in all these places i start with a set of conditions. the entities that inhabit them are partly real and partly fictional, partly signs or symbols, but they are still living organisms, whether it be a human, an animal, or a plant.”

a young hare

top to bottom:
pierre huyghe, timekeeper (at the secession, vienna) (1999)
pierre huyghe, timekeeper (at the walker art center, minneapolis) (2009)
herzog and de meuron + ai wei wei, serpentine gallery pavilion  (2012)


pierre huyghe’s timekeeper relies on a simple action: sanding.  over time, as each successive layer thins and disappears under the potency of the sand papers grit a moment in time appears.  in 2009, huyghe installed the piece in the walker art center’s amazing exhibition, the quick and the dead.  despite the simplicity of the act and smallness of its presence, the piece is only a couple of inches in circumference, it causes a lot of wonder.  there is something beautiful and playful about the core sample and something just esoteric enough about the colors that you look and wonder.  you try to recall past visits. “was i here when the room was a deep…

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