Top 10 Summer Essentials – for girls!

Kuji Shop BLOG

Ok – part two of our sizzling Summer essentials brought to you by the wonderful Dilys Treacle Treasures. This one’s for you ladies!

Howdy! Here’s hoping that the Kuji Shop guide to the Top Ten Summer Essentials for guys was enjoyed by all? As promised, the girls Top Ten is coming up next, so read on to discover our favourite recommendations for all your summer needs! Then get yourselves suitably equipped and switch on to standby, just in case the sun decides to make an appearance. It’s good to be prepared, that’s what we say!

Oh and of course, don’t forget, everything featured here is available to order online from
the Kuji Shop boutique, and if you subscribe when you visit, you’ll get 10% off your next

1. Travel Journal

Lighthouse Travel Journal

If you’re off on your holidays this summer or planning on any travelling, you’ll want to
record all your happy…

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