Super Saturday Selections – Inspirations and Motivations

Family Bugs Crochet Designs

(day 15 abc)

The focus of this little blog is to pass on tips/advice/suggestions to help you sell your hand-made crafts.  Every now and then I like to take a break and feature other crafters along their adventures in selling.  Today, I’m actually going to dive a bit off the normal and showcase a few different crafting blogs that I think need to be checked out.  They at least offer some pretty good inspiration when you are low on ideas yourself 😀

Gift Ideas for Poor Creative Souls is just so full of creative creations!  From painted rocks to dixie-cup strand of lights and different uses for mason jars…they are all just so much fun.  Positively anything can go into making wonderful little creations (anyone recycle to save money AND resources?) isn’t necessarily a blog about anything in particular.  They seem to highlight or showcase other blogs or…

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