The Treasure Hunt: Part II

Annex Galleries - On Fine Prints and Artists

In our second installment in a series of small online exhibitions, the focus is on portraits: self portraits, portraits of other artists, and portraits of everyday people. In keeping with our goal, we’ve selected a wide sample of techniques in order to open up our expansive inventory to the public.

Under each image we’ve provided a little bit of information on the piece, with a link to the work on our website. There, we provide biographies when available, as well as any other pertinent information we couldn’t fit here. If you have any questions, just let us know.

25 Portraits

William Auerbach-Levy (American.: 1889 – 1964): The Troubadour (Roi Partridge), etching; ca. 1911; edition size not stated. Auerbach-Levy became known for his caricatures of prominent social figures. This portrait of the artist Roi Partridge was done early in Auerbach-Levy’s studies, when the two were roommates in Paris.

Milton Avery

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