Revising Loneliness

Abstract artists are such tragic and romantic figures, akin to preachers or soothsayers, conjuring up spirits, reaching for ghosts buried deep within the body.

This is the mythology.

Franz Kline’s paintings are spontaneous and random, sparks of lines bordering up difficult space.

This is the discovery.

Many of Franz Kline’s paintings are somewhat premeditated.

“He devised a kind of abstraction-through-editing. A 1949 abstract drawing appears to have been physically cut from a larger piece to create a new, ‘found’ composition. (In a similar fashion, Kline used a Bell-Opticon projector to blow up details of drawings, which he then used as bases for full-scale paintings.)” — Holland Carter

Kline was a craftsman– not just an emotional wrecking ball with a can of black paint.

It never stops fascinating me:  how we long to build stories around art, but even more so, around the artists themselves.

“If you’re a painter, you are…

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Maison Martin Margiela 2012 Pre-Fall Paint Splatter Replica Sneakers


Maison Martin Margiela has long expressed a tendency for experimenting with various paint application methods across the uppers of many of its shoes. Whether the aesthetics are something that would fit your personal style or not, the label’s respectable willingness to venture into a more artistic realm has allowed its footwear segment to stand apart from many of the other high-end contemporary sneaker designers. After early-2012 brought a hand-painted Hi-Top Sneaker, the brand today releases the latest Pre-Fall 2012 Splatter Replica Sneakers. Both silhouettes are mocked up in neutral leather hues and set atop low profile gum outsoles. Aside from the tonal suede and leather panels that comprise the upper, the base of each shoe is rather unassuming. Hand-applied, the prominent design tenants see splattered paint of varying colors applied to the anterior portion of the shoe. Hitting mainly along the toebox, hits of paint are also seen along the…

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