Father’s Day Collage

Julie Sokolow

My dad opened his present two days early, so there’s no point in holdin’ back these bad boys.  In addition to the middle panel of the three you see here, Dad received an African thumb piano and a Jonathan Richman CD.  Yay for excuses to give bewildering, cute things to your family!

Materials:  Martha Stewart’s Whole Living, National Geographic, The Secret Life of Mountains, and an old film studies textbook.

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Bêtes de Mode by Helmo

Paprique Island

For this series titled “Bêtes de mode” (Fashion Animals) by HELMO, blue portraits and red animal portraits are superimposed then and displayed in the windows of the Lafayette Galleries on Hausmann Boulevard. A system of colored gels colored blue and red on the panes makes it possible to see the portrait mode sometimes, and sometimes the animal portrait.




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Françoise Nielly


Miss Nielly was born in the south of France, and got the sense of space and  construction from her architect father. She has always been a woman of images. Françoise says that “South France is very alive as an experience inside of me. Maybe it is what led me to the use of fluorescent colors in my paintings”.

She is a very passionate woman, but never shared love with another human. Somehow, she says, painting may be the love of my life; and as in every couple relationship it’s a moving territory with high and lows, fights, weariness, desire, fire and water. It can be exhausting, exhilarating, boring, fun, sparkling… whatever i go through with it, i just can’’t stop loving it.

Colorful, Brutal, Energetic, Passionate, Surprising, Free, Sexual, Explosive, Crazyness. All of these are word that describe Françoise Nielly and her art. Françoise is a deeply experienced artist…

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