Inspire me.

Hurricane Jaimie

When it comes to fashion  I always look to these amazing icons for inspiration. These women go and have gone above and beyond in their style. They are passionate about fashion and their stunning personalities are elegantly displayed throughout their personal style.

They all inspire me to take fashion risks. I have learned to wear what you love and feel comfortable in. When you are confident in your fashion choices it shines through and really adds to the statement.


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ma poupée…

Hairpik: The Hype

… ma obession!

these little poppet pendants are the delicious work of parisian artist servane gaxotte.  her whimsical designs are beautifully crafted and fully detailed with couture fashions.  each figure is a delightful mix of anthropomorphic animals, bits of beautiful fabric and bejeweled touches for a one of a kind, darkly tinged, fairy tale effect.  very distinct in personality, the only difficulty would be in deciding upon which one is right for you!

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