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  • Today a human is surrounded by huge amount of information, while social networks and blogs bring us an opportunity to create a superficial representation of ourselves in the web. Becoming a part of virtual reality, a computer data, we merge within the boundless informational field that is internet. Indeed, I find it very interesting — the situation within the visual stream we deal with every day — from one point it is related to the layering of information within our mind, from the other, it has a certain connection with print. Developing them as the original product, going from the recycling of what already exists to the new, I want to reach a sence of movement and transformation as a result. The principles laid within are over-information, adoptation and merging in the mass of images today. I am focused…

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Time to Make the Donuts!

Charming Sculpt Hers

Donuts are so much fun to make in polymer clay and VERY easy to do.  After I made just one I couldn’t stop thinking of making more.  I even made a ring with a platter of donuts!

I took a trip to the local donut shop and bought a selection to bring home and take photographs of for research.  I had to take the photographs quick because they smelled just too good.  I can’t even remember the last time I bought donuts, but it was fun.





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